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First, a disclaimer. Wesley J. Smith isn't Catholic. I don't claim he represents Church teaching, so know that going in. Don't expect Catechism because that isn't what he does.

That said...I haven't disagreed with him about a bioethics issue yet. Perhaps there's something out there he's blindingly wrong about, but I haven't seen it. After a few years of pseudo-regularly reading him, everything he advocates appears to be in alignment with Church teaching.'s the skinny:

I am back in the podcast business, renamed from Brave New Bioethics to What It Means to be Human. After consulting with my colleagues at the Discovery Institute--which is producing the broadcast--we decided that since I am dealing with issues well beyond bioethics now, the new title was warranted.

In the first edition, I define some of the threats to human exceptionalism and argue that accepting the intrinsic value of human life simply because it is human is the necessary intellectual condition precedent (as we lawyers say) to universal human rights.

Check it out.

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