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...a bit about my political philosophy. Don't bother reading if you're easily offended or simply aren't interested in my personal views.

Got an e-mail from a very nice gentleman, who wrote (in relevant part):

[T]oday [on your site] I saw something that shocked me and rocked me.
I know you have served in the military.
And I mean no disrespect.
But when I saw the John McCain ad on your website my stomach turned.
I could never vote for Obama. I could never, for very similar reasons, vote for McCain.
To place an ad on your website presenting McCain as a candidate preferable to Obama tells me that you've fallen prey to the very type of bad thinking that your web links do so much to combat.
This, I imagine, is due to the "Lose the Zero" pic on the left-hand sidebar. Couple of points about that:
  1. McCain and I went to the same school - Canoe U. That being the case, the guy starts pretty high with me. You don't leave Boat School without having some intestinal fortitude, discipline and honor unfortunately not-so-common in our time, and obviously lacking in the O-hole who is the Chosen One of the party of Moloch.
  2. I'm rather underwhelmed with him as a choice for President. I liked him far more than Bush in 2000, but that was 8 years ago and a lot has changed since then (including me). I don't like him being divorced, I don't like his ESCR support, I don't like his position on "civil unions" for Sodomites or condoms as AIDS prevention, I'm willing to bet he tells misogynist jokes and I don't think he knows a fig about economics (which, given the current state of the union, could be very important from a social justice perspective).
  3. Assuming the war was justified ab initio (a proposition you'd have some work justifying - and I was privy to much intel), we should have gone in at the beginning with an overwhelming force - the surge is/was the right answer, but was so ridiculously late in the game that only an idiot would think it's the wrong thing. Obama is that kind of idiot, and I'm terrified of the prospect of his being Commander in Chief.
  4. While I'm not dumb enough to think that McCain actually cares about pro-life issues, I'm relatively certain he won't actively work to enshrine baby killing (unlike Obama). That becomes especially important when it comes to picking SCOTUS judges - and that's going to be a very common occurrence over the next four years. Oh, the lip-service thing goes double for whatever token nod he's made about supporting Bush's torture thing.
  5. If McCain picks a pro-abortion VP, I'm going to have some serious issues to consider. I don't want the Republicans thinking they can win with pro-abort candidates, and heaven forbid McCain win and then die leaving a pro-abort in office...
So, anyway, that pretty much describes my current views. If you disagree, feel free to let me know in the combox and I promise to listen with an open mind. Unless you're an O-hole.
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    Anonymous August 19, 2008 at 12:22 PM , said...

    Not trying to be rude... but: does the person that wrote that statement like contemporary christian music and drive a Volkswagen?

    Anonymous September 2, 2008 at 1:30 PM , said...

    "the Chosen One of the party of Moloch."

    rofl. I'm using that now, and possibly making posters. It's so true.

    Anonymous September 14, 2008 at 6:26 PM , said...

    I enjoyed your response to this guy and this was very close to how I thought before SP came on the scene. Now, I'm excited. Don't think I've ever been excited like I am now...and yes, I'm a woman. I won't pretend that part of it isn't because I am a woman; a wife and mother.


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