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The session on Catholic Core Theology was taught by Cynthia Fischer, who serves as DRE at St. Patrick Parish in Lodi and St. Michael Parish in Dane. Cindy is also Coordinator of Curriculum and Catechist Development for the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis of the diocese.

Class Notes
Cindy used this PowerPoint file for her presentation: Catholic Core Theology

Audio Recordings (.wma format)
Due to the generosity of David Stiennon and the Madison Serra Club, audio recordings of this day's activities are available here. If you would like to purchase a copy of this four-CD audio set for $20, please call the OEC at 608-821-3160.

Welcome, Apologetics (16:04) (slides 1-9)
Apologists, Catholic Attitudes (8:15) (slides 10-14)
Principle Truths of Faith, Creeds (20:15) (slides 15-24)
Jesus: True God and True Man (31:05) (slides 25-37)

Trinity, Real Presence (35:00) (slides 38-48)
Apostolic Authority (16:20) (slides 49-51)
Catholics and the Bible (13:20) (slides 52-57)

Mary, Communion of Saints (43:33) (slides 58-72)
Heaven, Hell and Purgatory (13:50) (slides 73-78)

Favorite Apologetic Resources (35:50)
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