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Listen to the historic webcast replay

On Thursday, July 23, more than 70 pro-life and pro-family organizations united for a massive webcast event to directly address these challenges and mobilize grassroots activists.

An unprecedented 36,187 people of faith and conscience participated in the event, making it the largest pro-life web event in history -- underscoring the urgency of the abortion mandate crisis.

As you listen to the recording of the event, you'll hear from a "who's who" of respected leaders:

  • DR. JAMES DOBSON, Focus on the Family
  • DR. CHARMAINE YOEST, Americans United for Life
  • FR. FRANK PAVONE, Priests for Life
  • TONY PERKINS, Family Research Council
  • MARJORIE DANNENFELSER, Susan B. Anthony List
  • DOUGLAS JOHNSON, National Right to Life Committee
  • WENDY WRIGHT, Concerned Women for America
  • TOM MINNERY, Focus on the Family
  • KRISTEN DAY, Democrats for Life
  • DR. RICHARD LAND, Southern Baptist Convention ERLC
  • KRISTAN HAWKINS, Students for Life of America
  • PEGGY HARTSHORN, Heartbeat International
  • JIM SEDLAK, American Life League/STOPP
  • DAY GARDNER, National Black Pro-Life Union
  • BISHOP HARRY JACKSON, High Impact Leadership Coalition
  • CARMEN PATE, Point of View Radio Show
  • DAVID BEREIT, 40 Days for Life

Listen online now by clicking the play button below:

Download MP3 audio file to listen on your iPod or computer (20 MB)
Download high-quality MP3 audio to burn to CDs and share with others (102 MB)

How YOU can make a difference:

1. Pray

2. E-mail and write letters to your Representative and two Senators

3. Call the offices of your Representative and two Senators

4. Spread the word to everyone you know

5. Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper

By doing these 5 simple things, you can help make a powerful difference -- that could stop this abortion mandate. ACT NOW!

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