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...are the future of the Church, and boy-o-boy does the future look bright! Case in point, Fr. Andy Jaspers, S.J. The good padre wrote me and submitted the following:

Peace be with you,

I wondered if you could provide a link for some recent talks on Pope Benedict’s thought. These talks are given by solidly orthodox Jesuits, and are at a high level of scholarship.

The first talk is by Fr. Robert Araujo of Loyola University, Chicago. Fr. Araujo was the legal counsel for the Vatican delegation to the United Nations for several years up to this year. His talk is very timely, as it is on Pope Benedict’s social thought. Fr. Burgaleta is a biblical scholar from Fordham University, and gives an excellent assessment of “Jesus of Nazareth” as a contribution to biblical scholarship. Finally, Fr. Mueller, of Marquette University, gives a talk that is an engaging presentation on the Christology of “Jesus of Nazareth.”

The talks are available at:
That's it. No mention that he is the resident instructor of philosophy and theology at Creighton, or that he has his own talk online entitled A Reflective Approach to Praying with Advent. Zip. Nada. Pure humility and goodwill, with a chaser of class. Like I said, I'm very hopeful for the year of the priest and the future of the Church. Keep 'em coming!

Here are the talks from the Fordham site Padre recommended. Be sure to wear a seat belt.

The Jesuit Colloquium on Papal Thought

Benedict XVI:

"Virtue, Liturgy and Jesus of Nazareth"

June 7-June 10, 2009

Plenary Session Speakers Included

Robert Araujo, S.J., Boston College: "Benedict XVI, The Virtues, and Catholic Social Thought"

Claudio Burgaleta, S.J., Fordham University: "Benedict XVI: Theology of the Word of God"

Joseph Mueller, S.J. Marquette University: "The First Thing We Must Do is Open Ourselves to God, Benedict XVI's Theocentric Christology in Jesus of Nazareth"

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