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Fr. John Larson Mic posted about the following shows on his Facebook page "Catholic Audio Dramas"

  • a radio adaptation of Going My Way, with Barry Fitzgerald but without Bing Crosby.

  • A radio adaption of the great movie Monsieur Vincent (life of St. Vincent de Paul) can be found at this link (24 from the bottom of the list).

You may be interested in some of the other classic novels listed that have been adapted for radio.

  • Vatican Radio has produced some audio dramas over the years. One is "To the Ends of the Earth." It was produced for the Pauline Year last year. You can still listen to the episodes if you have Real Player. Links to some of the episodes.

  • The Ave Maria Hour, a long-running series of radio dramas, is being released as podcasts on the Internet.

  • There is an audio adaptation of the famous movie Song of Bernadette provided at the following link. It is rather compressed and abridged, but if you know the movie, it will remind you of key scenes.
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    Cynthia February 20, 2016 at 10:04 PM , said...

    Don't forget Family Theater!


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