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The Anchoress is rapidly turning into one of my favorite bloggers - if for no other reason than she updates frequently and has a good take on all the Palin info.

In any case, she recently did an Office of the Dead podcast for the 9/11 folks and has done some Morning Prayer, Compline and Vespers podcasts as well and I thought you folks might be interested. Here is the full page of podcasts. (Copied below:)

Aug 28 Morning Prayer Morning prayer on feast of St. Augustine/Office of Pastors

Direct download: Aug_28_Morning_Prayer.mp3

Compline Aug 26 Prayer before sleep. (Slightly buzzy, sorry).

Direct download: Compline_Aug_26.mp3

Direct download: Compline_Aug_16.mp3

Direct download: Vespers_Aug_16.mp3

Direct download: vespers.mp3
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