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From Fr. Corapi:

Please read this and forward to all your loved ones, friends, and anybody who may not understand what is at stake!

Fr. Corapi produced a half hour video today that all Catholics (and Americans) should see. It expounds upon what Bishop Rene H. Gracida just said boldly in a recent radio spot. (He is the Bishop that ordained Fr. Corapi a Deacon).

"This is Bishop Rene H. Gracida, reminding all Catholics that they must vote in this election with an informed conscience. A Catholic cannot be said to have voted in this election with a good conscience if they have voted for a pro-abortion candidate. Barack Hussein Obama is a pro-abortion candidate."

This video is offered for FREE on the internet - no cost, so you have no excuse not to spread the word! There are two ways to view this very powerful Father Corapi video:

  1. For Free: We have posted it in a three part series on YouTube. You can view the YouTube viewing page by clicking here. (does not take you to the YouTube website but is totally FREE)

  2. For Weekly Wisdom users: You can view the entire video in high quality, uninterrupted in full screen by clicking here. (requires Weekly Wisdom subscription)

  3. For Radio Stations wishing to broadcast or if you want to distribute via email, etc: You can download an mp3 file suitable to air by clicking here.
Also EWTN will air Eleventh Hour Election Alert as a special on Nov. 3 at 5:30pm EST and Nov. 4 at 11:00am EST - so let anybody you know who doesn't have a computer!
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