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Here are some miscellaneous talks from the audio grab-bag. I have no idea the orthodoxy level of these talks, but they're all given from a generally conservative point of view. Take that for what it's worth...

Hadley Arkes on how the defense in the courts of the "right to privacy" has transformed thinking about law and rights in American society

Terence Nichols on how and why religion has become so privatized in America

Jewish bioethicist (and former head of the President's Council on Bioethics) Leon Kass, on how new technologies have changed the assumptions many people have about their children

Russell Hittinger on the reasoning behind the upholding of a right to physician-assisted suicide in Compassion in Dying v. Washington

Bradley J. Birzer on how Tolkien understood the idea of myth

Nigel Cameron on the obstacles and opportunities facing Christians concerned about bioethics

Ralph C. Wood on how Tolkien viewed the use and meaning of human language

James A. Herrick on Mormonism, gnosticism, and the significance of Luke Skywalker

Thomas de Zengotita, on postmodern individualism and "reality" TV

Calvin Stapert, on the sense of resolution, completion, and the sense of the goodness of creation in Mozart's music.

James A. Herrick, on evolution as a religion.

Patrick Deneen, on how Wendell Berry’s thought demonstrates his identity as a “Kentucky Aristotelian.”

Matthew Dickerson, on the glory of trees and the shepherdhood of ents.
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    Anonymous March 11, 2009 at 2:27 PM , said...

    The interview with Dr. Herrick was revealing and intelligent (and gave me a few "ah ha's! when I thought of people I know). Thanks for posting.


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