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William A. Marra (February 20, 1928 — December 12, 1998) was a third-party Right to life candidate for President of the United States in the United States presidential election, 1988; his running mate was Joan Andrews. They received 20,504 votes.[1] Marra had also been a candidate in the Republican and Democratic parties' United States presidential primary in New Hampshire. In the former he received six write-in votes[2] and in the latter received 142 votes.[3]

He was a graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Engineering and Fordham University, serving as a professor of philosophy at the latter. Marra was an active lecturer, opposing topics such as abortion, atheism and sex education.

For 17 years, Marra hosted a radio program called "Where Catholics Meet" on 710 WOR-AM in New York. On the show, he addressed issues facing orthodox Catholics in the post-Vatican II world. He often had guests. In the early 1990s, Marra hosted a TV program on the EWTN Global Catholic Network called "The Roman Forum." This program ran for two seasons and addressed many of the same issues as "Where Catholics Meet", but involved fewer guest hosts.

Marra founded Catholic Media Apostolate, an organization dedicated to the propagation of the Roman Catholic faith through the media. He was also heavily involved in [Keep the Faith], an organization similar to CMA.

Here are his talks:

A Selection of Talks by Dr.Wm.A.Marra
How Absolute is Conscience?
The liberal mind, with its rationalistic approach to doctrine, has lost sight of the supernatural nature of the Church's teaching.
Dr.Wm.A.Marra How absolute is Conscience - Part 1 talk_WMCons1.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra How absolute is Conscience - Part 2 talk_WMCons2.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra How absolute is Conscience - Part 3 talk_WMCons3.mp3
Cults, as opposed to genuine Religious Orders
Parallels are often drawn, by the press, between entry into, say, the Moonies, and Religious Orders. There is a world of difference.
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Cults, as opposed to genuine Religious Orders - Part 1 talk_WMCult1.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Cults, as opposed to genuine Religious Orders - Part 2 talk_WMCult2.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Cults, as opposed to genuine Religious Orders - Part 2 talk_WMCult3.mp3
Errors in Biblical Exegesis
'It would be a miracle if one found a professor of scripture who believes what he teaches'.
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Errors in Biblical Exegesis - Part 1 talk_WMErrors1.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Errors in Biblical Exegesis - Part 2 talk_WMErrors2.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Errors in Biblical Exegesis - Part 3 talk_WMErrors3.mp3
The Distraction of Evolution
The chief proof that many scientists allege for Evolution often rests in their own atheistic assumptions.
Dr.Wm.A.Marra The Distraction of Evolution - Part 1 talk_WMDistEv1.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra The Distraction of Evolution - Part 21 talk_WMDistEv2.mp3
The Family under Siege
Every child deserves, and every child needs the security of a peaceful home, with both parents present . . . Now, half the children are raised in a family where one or the other parent is missing.
Dr.Wm.A.Marra The Family under Siege talk_WMFamSiege.mp3

What is happening in the Catholic Church?
The institutional means of handing down the Faith are in the hands of the enemy. The young, baptized Catholic is heir to the richest inheritance possible, but defrauded of it.

Dr.Wm.A.Marra What is happening in the Catholic Church - Part 1 talk_WMHappening1.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra What is happening in the Catholic Church - Part 2 talk_WMHappening2.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra What is happening in the Catholic Church - Part 3 talk_WMHappening3.mp3
The Sacred Liturgy Under Attack
If we are looking at an attack on the liturgy, we have to look within the Church, and not outside. this is a kind of civil war.
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Liturgy Attacked - Part 1 talk_WMLitAtt1.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Liturgy Attacked - Part 2 talk_WMLitAtt2.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Liturgy Attacked - Part 3 talk_WMLitAtt3.mp3
Our Lady in the Parish
If you kill love for the Blessed Virgin, or you kill faith in Her, you will still retain your Christo-centric religion - for a while, but even that will eventually go.
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Our Lady in the Parish - Part 1 talk_WMOLParish1.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Our Lady in the Parish - Part 2 talk_WMOLParish2.mp3
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Our Lady in the Parish - Part 3 talk_WMOLParish3.mp3
A Critical Look at Secular Humanism
'To a Humanist there is only Nature. No God, no eternity, nothing but silence and emptiness and a kind of icy dread'.
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Secular Humanism talk_WMSecHum.mp3
Does Religious Truth Change?
The Catholic Church has the holy audacity to say that it has never erred in its solemn teaching on faith or morals in 2000 years. That makes it easy for the enemy to give us trouble.
Dr.Wm.A.Marra Does Religious Truth Change? talk_WMTruthChange.mp3
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    Anonymous March 17, 2012 at 10:24 AM , said...

    Dr. Marra is the only true professor I ever had at Fordham University. He had a command of Philosophy and the expertise to teach like no other professor I've ever had. I graduated from Fordham in 1966. In those days, you had to take something like 18 credits of Philosophy to graduate. I enjoyed it so much that I took all my electives in Philosophy and till this day I can always recognize truth, thanks to Dr. Marra. As soon as registration opened I would be there to register for Marra's class because if you didn't register within the first few hours, you didn't get in. His classes were packed. Philosophy is very difficult to teach, but Marra so well prepared that we hung on his every word. For some reason... Fordham dropped the Philosophy requirement for the degree in the eighties and his popularity plummeted. Dr. Marra is the only college professor I had with whom I maintained a friendship until he died in 1998. I flew up from Florida to bid him my last farewell, attend his wake and funeral; I miss him every day.

    Anonymous May 30, 2013 at 11:32 PM , said...

    I love Dr Marra. His humor and his insights get better and better the more one listens to his lectures.

    Unknown February 6, 2014 at 12:48 AM , said...

    + JMJ +
    Dr. Marra will never be forgotten by those of us who had the fortunate blessing of meeting him personally and listening to his talks on the truths of our holy Catholic faith. I pray that these treasured recorded speeches will be discovered by the youth and those trying to find meaning to their empty lives.+++ Pax in Christo per Mariam

    Anonymous April 21, 2014 at 2:03 PM , said...

    Dr. Marra was my most memoraable and greatest teacher. Not a day goes by when I don't think of him.What saddens me is that except for a few of us, his memory has been wiped off the face of the earth especially by the others in the Catholic phenomenological movement.

    Augustine Matovu August 15, 2017 at 5:54 AM , said...

    I have just discovered this guy a few months back and have been searching for his stuff, I have listened to a few philosophy lectures here and there, but he brings things to life. I love his humor and the way he teaches. Dr. Marra RIP, your memory lives on.


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