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For those who don't know, EWTN has a great audio library of most of their old programs. Unfortunately, they haven't gotten their act together and their old programs are only available in RealAudio format. Well...someone decided that this wasn't good enough, and converted a number of programs to MP3. Here is a list of the various lecturers, and frequently each speaker will have multiple programs under their directory.

Directory: Fr. Brian Mullady

Directory: Fr. John Horgan

Directory: Fr. John McCloskey

Directory: Fr. John Trigilio Jr

Directory: Fr. Paul Keenan

Directory: Fr._Alfred_McBride

Directory: Fr._Andrew_Apostoli

Directory: Fr._Benedict_Groeschel

Directory: Fr._Charles_Connor

Directory: Fr._Clement_Machado

Directory: Fr._Fredrick_Miller

Directory: Fr._George_Rutler

Directory: Fr._Giles_Dimock

Directory: Fr._Jacques_Daley

Directory: Fr._John_Corapi

Directory: Fr._Kaneece_Cardmel

Directory: Fr._Kenneth_Baker

Directory: Fr._Miller_and_Augustine

Directory: Fr._Mitch_Pacwa

Directory: Fr._Pablo_Straub

Directory: Fr._Pavone

Directory: Fr._Perricone

Directory: Fr._Raymond_Gawronski

Directory: Fr._Regis_Scanlon

Directory: Fr._Richard_Hogan

Directory: Fr._Robert_Fox

Directory: Fr._Thomas_Dubay

Directory: Fulton_Sheen

Directory: Guarendi_Ray

Directory: Joanna & James Bogle

Directory: Msgr._William_Smith

Directory: Patrick_Madrid

Directory: Ralph McInerny

Directory: Raymond_Arroyo

Directory: Scott_Hahn

Directory: Steven_Ray

Directory: William_Cueto

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    dee.B September 23, 2007 at 7:12 AM , said...


    gotta love Fr. Mullady! i hope it includes his classic 'Partakers of Grace'.. awesome collection!!!!


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