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Here are the talks from the 2007 Pro Sanctity Conference. PDF flier with more info available here.
  • Mass Homily 08/18/07 [MP3]
  • Keynote Address - Fr. John Costello (NY) [MP3]
  • You can be Pro Holiness and LOVE Stem Cell Research - Chip Maxwell (NE Coalition for Ethical Research)
    Session 1 [MP3] Session 2 [MP3]
  • Experiencing Sacred Art Workshop - Mike Montag (NE) [MP3]
  • Holiness and Body – Anna Dendinger (NE) [MP3]
  • Holiness and Children - Anne Zugelder (NE), Donna Buell (NE) [MP3]
  • Holiness and Health - Josie Nover (NY) [MP3]
  • Holiness and Media - Fr. Mike Murphy (CA), Bruce and Kris McGregor KVSS (NE) [MP3]
  • Marian Devotion - Nancy Tefft (NE) [MP3]
  • Music and Holiness in Daily Life - Joan Kash (NE) [MP3]
  • Opening Your Heart to God - Jessica Kary (NE) and Fr. Scott Traynor (SD)
    Session 1 [MP3] Session 2 [MP3]
  • Silence and Holiness - Rosemary Darmstadt (NY), Brigid Quinn-Laquer (NE) [MP3]
  • Heading for Heaven, Hand in Hand with the Saints - Teresa Monaghen, Msgr. Andrew Vaccari (NY), Donna Spoto (NY) [MP3]
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