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Does God exist? Jim Laws debated Richard Schoenig on this question September 28-29. On Thursday night the proposition discussed was "I know the God of the Bible does exist." On Friday night the proposition was "I know the God of the Bible does not exist." Jim Laws affirmed the existence of God; Richard Schoenig denied His existence.

Each speech of the debate is available below for on demand viewing. Audio and video tapes will be made available through World Video Bible School. They can be contacted at:

These files are in Windows Media format.

Thursday Evening Debate

First affirmative by Jim Laws
First negative by Richard Schoenig
Second affirmative by Jim Laws
Second negative by Richard Schoenig
Third affirmative by Jim Laws
Third negative by Richard Schoenig

Friday Evening Debate

First affirmative by Richard Schoenig
First negative by Jim Laws
Second affirmative by Richard Schoenig
Second negative by Jim Laws
Third affirmative by Richard Schoenig
Third negative by Jim Laws

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