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Although I've posted stuff of hers before, it's certainly been long enough that it's worth being reminded of the following (thanks Terence!):
Might I suggest adding the links of Maggie Gallagher's media appearances (page found here):

She is a great speaker and frames the debate in a manner only a sociologist could

Mrs. Gallagher is a faithful Catholic and President of the Institute of Marriage and Public Policy.
Here are some things you can find by clicking through the links:

Will Same-Sex Marriage Hurt America?

Maggie Gallagher, Institute for Marriage and Public Policy
Jonathan Rauch, Senior Writer and Columnist, National Journal

University of Washington

From ISI's Cicero's Podium: A Great Issues Debate Series.



Same-Sex Marriage and the Laws Maggie Gallagher · April 13, 2004
A nationally syndicated columnist, author of The Case for Marriage, and a leader in the fight to preserve traditional marriage, Maggie Gallagher gives her views, and some sociological evidence, for why traditional marriage between a man and a woman ought to be maintained.

Maggie Gallagher. · 1:35'39"
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