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Here are are some links to a rather expansive music archive at an SSPX seminary
As many will recall, the SSPX bishops have had their excommunication lifted, but the SSPX is still not in full communion with the Holy See. Nonetheless, these are thoroughly Catholic hymns and chants. Enjoy!
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    Anonymous July 28, 2020 at 5:03 PM , said...

    ... and as many know, merely listening to music made by SSPX people will contaminate your ears and seep into the folds of your brain, to the point where eventually you, too, may not be in full communion with the church.

    And if they someday do enter into 'full communion', then we'll say that they're 'near heretical'. And if they're not that any longer, then we'll call them 'highly unorthodox'. We can continue to split the differences so finely that we can keep them out of the church indefinitely!

    Listen with caution!


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