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Beginning from the End

Even though Advent is just starting, here's a piece from Holy Week last:

Mary, the Bread of Life, and the Mystery of Holy Saturday

This meditation was given during the Triduum retreat for the RCIA Hollywood program:

text version

MP3 audio version (11 minutes)

Easter Music from the Vatican

Yes, yes, a little early...but here's some Easter music from the Vatican. I felt bad having posted mainly videos today, so here are some MP3s. The link to the left takes you to the lyrics, the link on the right to the MP3 file:



Yes, yes, I know Lent just started. I can't help but get excited, though, about the Easter Vigil singing of the Exultet.

For your enjoyment and contemplation :

Fr. Tim Hepburn's MP3 Recording in English

Exultet.mp3 (
Exultet.mp3 (

In Latin:

Benedyktyńskie Śpiewy Chorałowe

Exultet Revisited

So yeah, I really love this priest. He baptized my firstborn son, renewed my faith in the orthodoxy of young priests and instilled in me a great love for the Exultet (about which you already know if you come here often). His name is Dan Scheidt, and I'm firmly convinced he's a modern day saint -- may God keep and preserve him.

This past Holy Week, he returned to my parish (where he was formerly associate pastor and has since left to shepherd a flock of his own) and delivered a wonderful meditation on the Exultet. Please do give it a listen through GodTube:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Holy Week talks of my other priests, also wonderful in their own ways, may be found here:

Fr. Bob Lengenrich- a
very young priest (ordained late 2007) with a particular zeal for the faith and an energy level not to be matched:

Fr. Bill Schooler - a not-as-young priest, my pastor, and a man with a pastoral sensitivity like few others:

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