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Got the following tip in the ol' e-mail interwebz thingy:
There are some good mp3s from the assistant pastor at our parish at

He has a series there for mothers, a series on marriage (from his marriage preparation series to which all married parishioners were invited) and some of his homilies.

Thanks again for putting together this website.


So, naturally, I gave the first talk a listen. In short -- awesome. I was listening to the Marriage and Sexuality Series, and if you don't know the Theology of the Body at all then this is the talk for you. If you DO know the TOB, this is a good refresher and there are a few analogies I'll bet you haven't heard. Lots of borrowing from Christopher West and Janet Smith, who get it all from JPII (who gets it from Tradition), but some good original stuff, too.

Do yourself a favor and check it out -- oh, and don't forget the Power Point!
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