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I'm guessing most of the folks who come here have heard of Father Z. In case you haven't, or in case you've heard of him but have just never given his PodcaZt a listen, now is a fine time to tune in.

Now I know we're a few days in already, but you've gotta' hear some of these:

056 08-05-12 Octaves – Fr. Z rants & Augustine on PentecostPENTECOST MONDAY
057 08-05-13 John Paul II on the unforgivable sin; Our Lady of Fatima and the vision of HellTUESDAY
058 08-05-14 Ember Days; Chrysostom on St. Matthias; Prayer to the Holy SpiritWEDNESDAY
059 08-05-15 Leo the Great on Pentecost fasting; Benedict XVI’s sermon for Pentecost SundayTHURSDAY
060 08-05-16 Pentecost customs; St. Ambrose on the dew of the Holy SpiritFRIDAY
061 08-05-17 Pope Leo I on a post-Pentecost weekday; Fr. Z rambles not quite aimlessly for a whileSATURDAY

Here's a link to the rest of Fr. Z's stuff. Now go find out how much about Catholicism you still don't know...
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