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A reader wrote in and directed me to some talks by Fr. Riccardo (and others). I'm going to post some I'm really interested in over the next few days...I hope you'll be interested, too! The first is a talk by Fr. John Riccardo on Confession. If you haven't been this month, go. Oh, and bring your spouse/kids/parents. Make it a date and catch dinner afterwards -- I'll almost guarantee confession is scheduled for Saturday, which makes it convenient. Ok. That's enough from me. Here's the talk:

On March 8, 2008, Fr. Riccardo addressed the 8th Annual Worcester Diocesan Catholic Men's Conference in Worcester, MA. Fr. John spoke on Confession: A Fireside Chat with the Lord. This podcast contains the audio and video from his address. It is posted in iPod video format and should play within the iTunes application, Apple Quicktime or on a video iPod. The file is over 350 MB in size, so patience is required for the download. A broadband connection to the Internet is recommended. An audio only version has also been posted for listeners using slower connections to the Internet.
(VIDEO & AUDIO) Direct download: ConfessionFiresideChatWithTheLord.m4v
(AUDIO ONLY) Direct download: WorcesterConfessionAudio.m4a

*HT to Dave from Detroit...more to come!
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