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Here's a talk on a little-discussed bit of Catholic theology - redemptive suffering. If you've never understood Col 1:24, this is probably the talk for you.

From what I understand, there were few things more common 60 years ago than for a whining Catholic kid to hear, "Offer it up!" Hopefully Fr. will go a bit deeper... ;0)

This podcast is from a lenten mission talk presented by Fr. Riccardo several years ago at the Cardinal Maida Institute in Plymouth, Michigan. The title of the talk is Redemptive Suffering-The Supreme Power of Prayer By Those Who Suffer.
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    Anonymous June 24, 2012 at 9:35 PM , said...

    Thank you for your talk, Fr. Riccardo. My question is when you said Jesus didn't come to take away our suffering and so we need to expect to suffer. The Cross, Suffering He talks about or in the Epistles, seems to be in relationship to suffering for the sake of the Gospel- in efforts to love, serve, share the Gospel. I don't hear Jesus or the Apostles encouraging people to not pray for healing for their sicknesses and trials and endure it because it's suffering with Christ. If that were the case, Jesus would have not healed some people because it was God's will, instead Scripture says He healed everyone and that 'we would do greater." There is enough suffering if we LOVE others as He asks us to, but to not pray for healing and expect healing doesn't seem to be His heart or His will. We can't make a theology around people not getting healed, but press into the Father's heart to ask that we can walk like Jesus walked and do the things Jesus did, which is to pray and expect people to experience heaven on earth, which is the prayer He teaches us to pray. I'm a bit long winded, but I just wanted to emphasize this point. Thanks and Bless you, too!


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