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Here are a couple of versions of the Ave Maria. I'm particularly fond of the neo-trad version called "Ave Maria XXI Century" - hauntingly beautiful. Found the first two here. Do give them a listen.

AVE MARIA XXI CENTURY (4:28) Date added: 10/22/05
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AVE MARIA (J.Caccini) (3:30) Date added: 09/22/05

Ave Maria (Marc Findon) (6:12) Date added: 08/15/04
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Ave Maria Bach Gounoud (Coro San Marco) (3:11) Date added: 06/16/04 - an interesting piece with a cappella rather than instruments for background music

*HT to Mr. Bernardino, who can pray a 9 day novena in 6 hours. True story!
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