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But sort of.

Actually, the guy who did the engineering for this song, John Tanner, also engineered the Violent Femmes’ album, “Violent Femmes”. And the present song is brought to you by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, which is also pretty sweet. So here's the lowdown:

Come Holy Ghost/Enkindle” begins with a ’summons’ to Sydney, played on an Aborigine Didgeridoo. Just as Catholic youth from around the world will bring their own culture and gifts to Sydney, it incorporates different rhythms, from Catalonian to Congolese, and instruments from around the world. Some include an accordion from Germany, electric guitar and dulcimer from the United States, kalimba from Angola, a saz, or lute from Greece, shaker from Peru, rain stick from Guatemala, harp from Ireland, trumpet from Mexico.

In deference to Pope Benedict XVI’s favorite composer, it even includes a brief passage from Mozart’s ‘Rondo Alla Turca’. Also, there’s a bit of Gregorian Chant.

In Mark’s Gospel, the Greek word Kataluma designates a “Dining Room” where the Last Supper takes place (and, some suggest, the same room where Pentecost occurred). More commonly, it describes the ‘breaking up or reprieve of a journey’. In this instance Kataluma designates the occasional coalescence of Milwaukee area musicians and creatives: John Tanner, Sue Bruk, Bob Monagle and Mark Kolter, who fashioned the transglobal approach to the hymn “Come Holy Ghost/Enkindle”

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So's something unlike everything else. Or really, it's a lot of everything combined to make something special. Which is sorta' like Catholicism, which incorporates various cultural elements to make something truly 'catholic'.

Download this song free - Right click on the link and select save as on PC.

*HT to Mark K - thanks for the heads up!
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