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I've given some of these a listen. They're not my favorites (well...perhaps the Pater Noster below - quite good!), but they're better than most of what I listen to at the typical Sunday Mass here in the States.

The WYD '08 site says the following:

We have released a parish version of the official Mass Setting commissioned by George Palmer. The official Mass Setting will be performed during the major WYD08 Masses.

The mass setting is for parishes to learn and perform in the lead-up to WYD08. This will also help parishes to familiarise themselves with the official Mass Setting when it's performed for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and the hundreds and thousands of youth in July.

A score and recording of the Parish Setting is available [here]. The recording is by the choirs of St Ignatius College, Riverview and Loreto Kirribilli with organist Christine Moriarty and conductor Noel Debien. The recording includes the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Acclamation, Amen and Agnus Dei and was engineered by Jonathan Palmer.

The spirit of the Mass is Rejoicing, with the congregational parts in the Parish Setting identical to those that will be performed by the cantor, choir and organ at the Opening and Final Masses of WYD08.

The Parish Setting is designed for performance by a parish cantor or unison choir with congregation.

The score is downloadable and may be reproduced for teaching purposes and performance within a parish. A separate version of each movement is also available for inclusion in parish service sheets.

So there ya' have it. Here's the audio:
Pater noster & Intro (Seminary May 08).mp3 2.83 MB

Lady of the Southern Cross (Vocal version), mp3 Download - the Marian Song for WYD

Download -
01 Our Lady of the Southern Cross2.mp3 3.90 MB

01 Come O Holy Spirit.mp3 3.24 MB
01 Kyrie.wma 1.20 MB
02 Gloria.wma 3.47 MB
04 Sanctus.wma 1.63 MB
05 Acclamation.wma 901.68 kB
06 Great Amen.wma 662.40 kB
07 Agnus Dei.wma 2.42 MB

02 Tantum Ergo2.mp3 1.50 MB
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