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Found this important sounding talk over at Mark Shea's site:
As some of you may know, for the past year I've been working on an evangelization training project as my master's thesis at the Augustine Institute, where I just graduated from. Along with developing a door-to-door model, I've also developed an extended, more fleshed-out presentation which I've been giving to Catholic groups, as part of the New Evangelization, to ensure Catholics themselves hear and understand their own gospel message.

I just made an mp3 recording of the current extended talk, about an hour long, and uploaded it onto my blog. It is based on the fruit of a ton of research, and I think it's a beautiful, unusual and compelling presentation of our faith. The shorter versions we've done door to door and the talks I've given have really captured people's attention, and I'm really interested in getting this longer version out there and getting feedback on it. I was hoping some of you would like to link to it, so your readers know about it and can listen to it if they want to!

An hour is long, and I know you're all busy, but if you have time to hear it I'd love your feedback too! Here's the link.
Make sure to give her some good feedback in her blog's combox, would ya' folks?
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    Anonymous July 10, 2008 at 7:10 PM , said...

    Hey, thanks for the notice! This is a great looking audio blog - I hadn't seen it before! I just added it to my blogroll. Wonderful piece of work. Thanks!


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