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I always find it instructive to learn other countries' culture of death struggles to help give context to our own. To that end...I found the following audio file on the new blog Semper Vita, the Family Life International blog of New Zealand:

"Last Sunday Radio New Zealand ran a comprehensive report on abortion laws in this country, which explores the recent High Court ruling about the unlawfulness of many abortions in NZ.

"The report is quite interesting as it gives a basic history of how the law came into being, and it even involves an interview with a retired certifying consultant who explains how he justified signing off abortions on the grounds of mental health even though he felt uncomfortable about doing so.

"It also features an interview with a woman who had an abortion and now regrets it."

[Read the rest here.]

This blog looks really promising. Do yourself a favor and spare 5 minutes checking them out.
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