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Since I'm getting more visitors these days, I thought I'd take the opportunity to bump this old post back to the top. The following are links to Peter Kreeft's site, and each one is worth listening to three or four times. This guy is good in a way that you simply don't find -- he'll blow your hair back. If he doesn't, let me know and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

  1. How to Win the Culture War — A call to arms, identifying the real enemies and mapping key battlefields
  2. Divine Truth—The Heart's Deepest Longing — Explores the nature of self, subjective truth, objective truth and Christ as the Truth
  3. Ecumenism Without Compromise — Denominationalism is not just a Christian scandal, but absolutely intolerable
  4. 10 Uncommon Insights Into Evil from Lord of the Rings — Calls attention to Tolkien's great words reminding us about forgotten wisdom on evil
  5. A Refutation of Moral Relativism TRANSCRIPTION ADDED 1/27/07 — Not just a strong case against it, but a refutation of the philosophy that no society has ever survived
  6. Christ's Concept of Happiness vs The World's — What is the meaning of happiness? How do you get it?
  7. Making Sense Out of Suffering — Tackles questions related to the nature of suffering, evil and sin
  8. Arguments for God's Existence — Five classic defenses for believing in God
  9. Women and the Priesthood — Why "only boys can be the daddies"
  10. Aquinas and the Angels — There may be more to angels than it seems
  11. Moral Theology and Homosexuality — Traditional moral wisdom for modern moral confusion
  12. The Sea and Spirituality — A unique meditation on the sea as an icon of God
  13. Lost in the Cosmos — Contrasts two classics, Walker Percy's Lost in the Cosmos and C.S. Lewis's The Abolition of Man, on the topics of Natural Law, humor and irony, direct and indirect communication, the nature of self, knowing vs. knowing about, and others
  14. Mere Christianity — Next to the Bible, C.S. Lewis's masterpiece receives Dr. Kreeft's highest recommendation
  15. The Problem of Pain — A commentary on C.S. Lewis's brilliant exposition on the problems of suffering and evil
  16. Till We Have Faces — A commentary on C.S. Lewis's solution to evil, worked out in fiction. Also deals with the fascinating question "Why does God wear disguises?"
  17. A Grief Observed — C.S. Lewis's personal and honest account of the loss of his wife, and how God deepened his love
  18. God's Existence — A magnificent overview of the arguments
  19. Pro-Life Philosophy — The philosophical case against abortion — TRANSCRIPTION ADDED 3/1/07; ALTERNATE AUDIO VERSION ADDED
  20. Time and Eternity — C.S. Lewis's insights on these intriguing topics
  21. The Cosmic Dance — C.S. Lewis's joyful cosmology of femininity and masculinity
  22. The Imagination — C.S. Lewis and the power of creative images
  23. Desire — The innate hunger for total joy
  24. Sex in Heaven — Imaging the fire of God's love
  25. The One Thing Needed — Life's most important activity
  26. The Dark Side — Shining light on three kinds of evil:
    suffering, death and sin
  27. The Good, True and Beautiful — C.S. Lewis on the three great transcendentals
  28. Christianity in Lord of The Rings — Apologetics in Tolkien's classic
  29. Fated and Free — The intregration of predestination and freewill; an insightful perspective via Lord of the Rings
  30. Identity — The paradoxical nature of self
  31. Language of Beauty NEW — Prose that no writer will want to miss! The power of words revealed by Lord of the Rings
  32. Prayer for Beginners NEW! — The practice of God's presence
  33. The Word NEW! — Scripture as a living portrait
  34. Philosophy: Handmaiden of Theology NEW! — An interview about the love of wisdom
  35. Heaven NEW! — The heart's deepest longing
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    Anonymous July 29, 2007 at 9:43 PM , said...

    Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic

    Anonymous November 20, 2007 at 3:57 PM , said...

    Peter Kreeft is like a living CS Lewis or GK Chesterton.

    dee.B November 21, 2007 at 8:31 AM , said...

    i second mr troutman! my afternoons working wouldn't be so boring anymore cos of all this! Thanks mucho! ^-^


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