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"Poverty & Joy: The Franciscan Tradition" with Bill Short, OFM

Taking his book, Poverty & Joy: The Franciscan Tradition, as a starting point, Br. Bill Short, OFM led a Mini-Retreat for our parish on Franciscan spirituality, reflecting on such themes as the Incarnation, poverty as a way to God, suffering and healing, and creation–humanity & nature–in harmony.

Br. Bill Short, OFM is on the faculty of the Franciscan School of Theology in Berkeley. He is a scholar equally comfortable in the fields of spirituality, Christian history and the Franciscan tradition, as well as a popular leader of retreats and workshops.

PART I: Download MP3 file (111 MB) (2:02:02)
PART II: Download MP3 file (104 MB) (1:53:53)

NOTE: I'm a bit leery about this talk because (1) he's from Berkley and (2) I'm completely unfamiliar with his work. If someone would please be so kind, drop a note in the comments as to whether or not this is a fine retreat for believing Catholics or if it's an engram-laden bit of hippie mush. Thanx!

NOTE ON THE NOTE: Thanks for the correction, Walt!
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    Anonymous December 6, 2007 at 10:11 PM , said...

    Bill Short is one of the foremost Franciscan scholars in the world today. He is hardly a "hippie"...

    Catholic Audio December 7, 2007 at 7:01 AM , said...


    Thanks for the feedback! I'm sure you can understand the source of my apprehension, and I'm quite pleased that it's not well-founded.

    God Bless


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