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Here are some talks from a Men's Conference - Man to Man - I found. Enjoy!

Highlights of the conference included inspirational talks by former U.S. presidential candidate Dr. Alan Keyes, former New Orleans Saint Danny Abramowicz, Radix founder Doug Barry, and Lafayette's own Father Bryce Sibley. Response to the talks has generated a great demand for recordings of the presentations. Live recordings of each of the presentations is now available for download to all, free of charge.

Alan Keyes (67.4MB)
The conference keynote address by Dr. Keyes investigates the dominant modern culture, its destructive power, and the responsibility of men in overcoming its evil influence.

Danny Abramowicz (26MB)
Workout of a Former Saint

Doug Barry (14.8MB)
Radix founder Doug Barry speaks at the 2007 Man-to-Man Catholic Men's Conference

Father Bryce Sibley (29.5MB)
Father Sibley's talk focuses on "Every Man's Struggle", the tempations borne by men, and the means to overcome them.
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    Christopher November 19, 2007 at 1:50 AM , said...

    These are Excellent

    Just listened to Fr Bryce, now Dr. Keyes



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