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I have no real position on this topic. I wasn't there. I don't know. It doesn't affect me a whole lot either way. The various fields of study certainly seem to indicate that naturalistic evolution is more probable (without remotely explaining abiogenesis), but evolutionary theory definitely has some evidentiary holes/problems that aren't often discussed (which explains my hesitancy to embrace either theory). Thankfully, the Church has abstained from the question, stating only that we must believe with Divine and Holy Faith that we had two first parents (and not a common group -- which makes perfect logical sense even under a Darwinian account) and that God directly imbued these parents with immortal souls (which also makes sense -- a simple spiritual substance can't "evolve").

That said, here are some talks (thanks to Phil Porvaznik) for those interested in the topic:

Phillip E. Johnson August 1991 Moody Open Line radio MP3
Kenneth R. Miller on Intelligent Design August 2005 Open Source radio MP3
Kenneth R. Miller at Case Western Reserve in Ohio January 2006 MP3
Denis Lamoureux on "Beyond the Evolution vs. Creation Debate" MP3
Francis Collins on Genetics, Evolution, and Christian Faith 2006 MP3

Zachary Moore Evolution 101 Podcast Collection MP3 (see

Intelligent Design Panel Discussion Part 1 Fr. George Coyne and others MP3 (see AEI transcripts)
Intelligent Design Panel Discussion Part 2 Lawrence Krauss and others MP3
Krista Tippett interviews biographer James Moore on Charles Darwin MP3
Barry Lynn interviews Barbara Forrest on the Dover ID Trial MP3
Michael Shermer and Jonathan Wells on Why Darwin Matters and ID Debate MP3

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