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Here are some homilies of Fr. Eric Forbes OFM Cap., a Capuchin Franciscan on the island of Guam who currently serves as the superior of his order's province in Guam. These homilies were delivered to a live congregation of many young families. Fr. Eric, by the way, serves as a spiritual director for the Catholic Evidence Guild of Guam.

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mp3 How to Make a Good Confession 19:48 min 3.4Mb
mp3 How to Prepare For Holy Communion 21:39 min 3.8Mb
mp3 Three Physical Blessings from Holy Mass 17:18 min 2.96MB
mp3 Three Key Elements of Married Spirituality 14:32 min 2.49Mb

The Church

mp3 The Teaching Authority of the Church 19:35 min 3.36Mb
mp3 The Papacy 15:25 min 2.7Mb


mp3 How to Share Catholic Truth 13:28 min 2.4Mb
mp3 Having a Zeal for Souls 21:55 min 3.76Mb

Liturgical Seasons

mp3 Advent and the Body (1st Sunday) 13:37 min 2.33Mb
mp3 Grace and Works (4th Sunday) 12:41 min 2.17Mb
mp3 On Knowing the Reason For Our Lenten Efforts 12:03 min 2.07Mb
mp3 Two Things We Need to Know About Temptation 10:31 min 1.8Mb

Doctrine and Dogma

mp3 The Immaculate Conception 11:57 min 2.05Mb
mp3 The Holy Trinity 6:55 min 1.18Mb

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