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Roy Schoeman, was born in a suburb of New York City of "Conservative" Jewish parents who had fled Nazi Germany. His Jewish education and formation was received under some of the most prominent Rabbis in contemporary American Jewry, including Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg, probably the foremost Conservative Rabbi in the U.S. and his hometown Rabbi growing up; Rabbi Arthur Green, later the head of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College who was his religion teacher and mentor during high school and early college; and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, a prominent Hasidic Rabbi with whom he lived in Israel for several months.

His secular education included a B.Sc. from M.I.T. and an M.B.A. magna cum laude from Harvard Business School. Midway through a career of teaching and consulting (he had been appointed to the faculty of the Harvard Business School) he experienced an unexpected and instantaneous conversion to Christianity which led to a dramatic refocus of his activities. Since then he has pursued theological studies at several seminaries, helped produce and host a Catholic Television talk show, and edited and written for several Catholic books and reviews. Salvation is from the Jews is his first full-length book.

One account of his conversion, as it originally appeared in Christ to the World, follows. Another version which appeared in the book Marian Shrines of France can be found by clicking here.

Radio/TV (sound only)
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EWTN TV -- "Journey Home" with Roy Schoeman, Jan. 10, 2005 (58 min) (or download here)

EWTN TV -- "Bookmark" Part 1, Sept. 12, 2004 (26 min)

EWTN TV -- "Bookmark" Part 2, Sept. 19, 2004 (26 min)

EWTN TV -- Interview on "EWTN Live" with Fr. Mitch Pacwa June 2, 2004

Radio Maria Toronto Show May 14, 2007 (55 min)

Radio Interview "Catholic Answers Live" with Jerry Usher June 18, 2004 (55 min)

Radio Interview by Rosalind Moss June 19, 2004 (52 min), First Hour - includes Witness Testimony

Radio Interview by Rosalind Moss June 19, 2004 (58 min), Second Hour

Radio Interview with Steve Wood on "Faith and the Family March 4, 2004 (55 min)

-- "Witness Testimony" extract from above

Radio Interview with Steve Wood on the Conversion of the Jews and the End Times (Aug. 2007)

Radio Interview with Steve Wood on the Jewish converts in "Honey from the Rock" (July 2007)

Radio Interview with Steve Wood on the Meaning of Life

Radio Interview with Steve Wood on the Great Apostasy

Radio Interview with Steve Wood on the Blessed Virgin Mary

Radio Interview with Stephanie Wood on the young adult program "NextWave Faithful" March 9, 2006 (55 min)

Radio Show with Fr. Tom DiLorenzo Dec. 06 (27 min)

Hour-long Radio Interview on Radio Maria February 13, 2006

Radio Interview Covenant Catholic Radio August 17, 2005 (30 min)

Radio Interview/Call-in Show Dec. 21, 2006 -- Drew Mariani/Relevant Radio

Radio Interview on Fox News Radio's "Morning Blend" July 1, 2004 (28 min)

Radio Interview with Dr. Cinchota "Ultimate Self-Help Show" April 17, 2004 (21 min)

Radio Interview KVSS Catholic Radio March 24, 2004 (10 min)

Radio Interview KBAR "In the Night" August 16, 2004 (50 min) -- secular show focussing on Nazi-Arab Connection

Catholic Radio Telethon Interview August 23, 2004 (10 min)

EWTN Radio Sept. 4, 2004 Discussing Jewish Festivals (38 min)

Immaculate Heart Radio Jan. 4, 2005 Interviewed by Bob Dumming (22 min)

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