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Nothing to listen to on this post, except with your heart and mind. Here's a website with the stories of people who survived their parents' attempts to kill them through abortion. As you read them, remind yourself that people like Barack Obama vigorously oppose "Born Alive" infant protection acts.

Testimony of Gianna Jessen

A young woman who has been aborted and lived to tell about it.

Heidi Huffman

My mom had an abortion at age seventeen. A couple of weeks later, when her physician examined her, he told her she was still pregnant.

Sarah Smith

"I'm so sorry, Betty," the doctor told her when she went back to him after her abortion. "you were carrying twins!"

Read about the others at Circle of Prayer - Abortion Survivors.

*HT to Karen at Some Have Hats

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    Hi, I have no other way to contact you, but I have new Chesterton links for you to link to:

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    Excellent! Just posted!


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