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A reader let me know that he has recorded several GKC essays and is making them available for download. Sweeeeet. Gotta' love Chesterton. If you've never given him a listen...please do.

Here are the files:
A Fairy Tale_Chip Grogin.mp39.2M
A Piece of Chalk_Wm Christopher Hoag.mp38.4M
About Impenitence_Bryan Inderhees.mp38.0M
About the Telephone_Frank Barry.mp3 12M
Asparagus_Bryce Albertson.mp35.4M
Child Psychology and Nonesense_Irene Hoag.mp37.3M
Homesick at Home_Sara Segal.mp39.7M
On Losing Ones Head_Paula Santa.mp36.5M
On Lying in Bed_Vincent Torres.mp36.1M
To Frances_Garth Donald.mp32.3M
What I Found in My Pocket_Michael Robinson.mp36.1M

Alternate host site here.
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    gkcleveland February 12, 2008 at 8:03 AM , said...

    I just noticed that LibriVox has GKC's Alarms and Discursions! Wow!
    Please add.


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