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The logical working-out and disputation of all the implications of an idea can be a long, drawn out process. It can also be difficult to explain to people who haven't followed all the twists and turns of the argument. In this book-length essay, Newman argues that Christian doctrinal "development" is not so much produced by change or innovation, as by unfolding what was already implicit in revelation.

John Henry Newman was an Anglican cleric and one of the chief members of the Oxford Movement. Later, he converted to Catholicism; writing this book was part of the intellectual process which led to this. Newman was eventually allowed to become a Catholic priest (still unusual at the time for Anglican converts); he did so well that he died a Cardinal. His explanations and defenses of Catholic doctrine are still famous. He is currently being considered for beatification.

Author: John Henry Cardinal Newman

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Introduction Pt. 115.9M10.7M7.9M
Introduction Pt. 224.6M12.4M12.3M
Introduction, Pt. 315.5M7.8M7.8M
Introduction, Pt. 412.6M6.3M6.3M
Ch. 1A: On the Process of Development in Ideas19.6M12.9M9.8M
Ch. 1B: On the Kinds of Development in Ideas16.3M10.6M8.2M
Ch. 1C: Ethical and Metaphysical Development17.8M11.5M8.9M
Ch. 2: Antecedent Arguments for Development17.5M12.1M8.7M
Ch. 2B32.6M16.5M16.3M
Ch. 2C16.4M8.4M8.2M
Ch. 2D25.1M12.8M12.6M
Ch. 2E15.9M8.1M8.0M
Ch. 3: The Historical Argument for Existing Developments17.8M9.1M8.9M
Ch. 3B10.0M5.0M5.0M
Ch. 3C: State of the Evidence27.2M13.9M13.6M
Ch. 4: Instances in Illustration - Canon of the New Testament10.4M5.3M5.2M
Ch. 4B: Original Sin, Infant Baptism, Communion in One Kind, The Homousion19.2M9.9M9.6M
Ch. 4C: The Incarnation of Our Lord and the Dignity of His Blessed Mother and of All Saints33.2M16.9M16.6M
Ch. 4D: The Papal Supremacy40.3M20.4M20.1M
Ch. 5: Genuine Developments Contrasted to Corruption. First Note of a Genuine Development: Preservation of Type.22.0M11.2M11.0M
Ch. 5B. Second Note: Continuity of Principles19.3M10.0M9.6M
Ch. 5C: Third Note: Power of Assimilation10.2M5.2M5.1M
Ch. 5D: Fourth Note: Logical Sequence14.4M7.3M7.2M
Ch. 5E: Fifth Note: Anticipation of Its Future8.5M4.3M4.2M
Ch. 5F: Sixth Note: Conservative Action upon Its Past10.0M5.1M5.0M
Ch. 5G: Seventh Note: Chronic Vigour7.4M3.8M3.7M
Ch. 6: Application of First Note - Preservation of Type26.0M13.3M13.0M
Ch. 6B: Christianity and Magical Religions35.4M18.2M17.7M
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    Wonderful resource.
    Some mispronunciation(antecedent, correlative, Chalcedon)more than forgivable granted the value of this work. Thankyou


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