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I found this podcast today and it looks pretty interesting. I'm posting the episodes I want to listen to first, but if you want to scour the archives on your own, here's the site:

Discount Babies, Discounting Dignity

by Sarah J. Flashing, MA

Podcast Episode 076


The Sanctity of Life: Rethinking Eternal Truths in a New Political Era

by David P. Gushee, PhD

Podcast Episode 075


How much do we care when truth replaces fiction? Ethical conduct and human subject research in Africa

Gregory W. Rutecki, MD
Podcast Episode 068


Permissibility to Accept Refusal of Potentially Life-Saving Treatment

Gregory W. Rutecki, MD
Podcast Episode 059


A Good Death

by John T. Dunlop, MD
Podcast Episode 058


Book Link: Begotten or Made?

by Kevin Vanhoozer, PhD

Podcast Episode 052
Print Version

Conservative and Liberal Bioethics

by Amy Laura Hall, PhD
Part 1 - Podcast Episode 048
Part 2 - Podcast Episode 049

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