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The ChristLife podcast had an interview with one of my favorite preachers - Fr. Robert Barron. I'm looking forward to giving it a listen.

CL8 - Let the Language of Faith be on Your Lips - part 2
Listen to the second half of ChristLife's interview with Fr. Robert Barron! He answers the question of how we proclaim Christ as head of His Church and addresses the great need for the laity to take part in their apostolate. Finally on a personal level, his insight into how Catholics can practially "let the language of faith be on our lips" is inspiring!
Direct download: Podcast_8.mp3

If you haven't listened to a podcast yet - make this the one! Get to know ChristLife a bit better and learn from one of the best on how to evangelize as a Catholic. Fr. Robert Barron from Chicago shares his passion for Jesus, encourages the laity to take an active part in spreading the Gospel, and gives some practical ways to make the good news compelling to our contemporaries. This podcast is the first of a two part series with Fr. Barron.
Direct download: Podcast_7.mp3
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    Anonymous January 26, 2008 at 3:08 AM , said...

    Thanks for this podcast. Fr Barron is apparently a wonderful and enthusiastic speaker and witness to the Truth of Our Faith. I am so grateful there is such a lecturer at Mundeleine Seminary in Chicago. As a mere member of the Faithful, this gives me great hope for the next generation of priests.

    Very nice blog, too! Keep up the great work!


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