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Chants de L’Église de Rome (VIIe & XIIIe siècles)

Ensemble Organum directed by Marcel Pérès

Old Roman chant was the chant of the Church of Rome from about the 7th to the 13th centuries, not Gregorian but a distinct singing style. This is a selection of the Good Friday liturgy then in use there. As with his Milanese and Benevento disks, Pérès assumes, with some grounding, that Old Roman chant is best rendered with “Eastern” styling, including the use of the undertone or
ison. Right click to download the mp3s to your computer.

L’adoration de la Croix (Office du Vendredi Saint)

1. Tractus: Domine audivi auditum tuum

2. Tractus: Qui habitat in adiutorio altissimi

3. Impropères: Agios o Theos, Sanctus Deus

Messe de Saint Marcel (Pope St. Marcellus I)

4. Introitus: Statuit ei Dominus

5. Graduale: Inveni David servum meum

Verset: Nichil proficiet

6. Alleluia

Verset: Disposui Testamentum

Verset: Inveni David

7. Offertorium: Veritas mea

Verset: Posui adiutorium

Verset: Misericordia mea

8. Communio: Domine quinque talenta tradidisti michi
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