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Lenten Radio Retreat Archive, Year A

Cardinal Francis George, archbishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago leads us through this First Sunday of Lent. His 10-minute homily addresses the temptations Jesus was offered by Satan in the desert. In the question-and-answer segment Cardinal George speaks to how the story of these temptations relates to our everyday lives and how we can all find a way to experience this Lent in a more profound way. This week’s musical selection is “Beyond the Days” by OCP artist R. Manalo.
Cardinal Francis George
Chicago, Illinois
Erie Bishop Donald W. Trautman is our retreat leader for this Second Sunday of Lent. Our readings this week take us to the transfiguration of Jesus on the mountain. Bishop Trautman helps us to understand the message Jesus was trying to send to his apostles with this magnificent vision of his divinity. Bishop Trautman expands on his homily and helps us to look at the message from this gospel in a personal way in the question-and-answer segment. This week’s musical selection is “Strength for the Journey” by WLP artist M.J. Poirer.
Bishop Donald W. Trautman
Erie, Pennsylvania
Savannah Bishop J. Kevin Boland invites us on this Third Sunday of Lent to deepen our commitment to the gospel. His 10-minute homily helps us to understand the true meaning behind why Jesus spoke to a woman, who was also a Samaritan, at the well. In the question-and-answer segment Bishop Boland brings to light the deep lesson that Jesus was teaching his disciples and us by “breaking the rules”. This week’s musical selection is “Come to the Lord” by OCP artists Steve Angrisano and Tom Tomaszek.
Bishop J. Kevin Boland
Savannah, Georgia
Monterey’s Bishop Richard Garcia takes the gospel for this Fourth Sunday of Lent and demonstrates how God is reaching out to us with his healing touch. In his 10-minute homily Bishop Garcia points out the significance of performing this miracle and how it changed the lives of not only the blind man, but those all around him as well. In the question-and-answer segment Bishop Garcia shares a personal story of his own mother going blind and how that affected his family and their faith. This week’s musical selection is “The Love God Has for Me” by GIA artist Donna Peña.
Bishop Richard J. Garcia
Monterey, California
Fort Wayne-South Bend Bishop John D’Arcy looks at two sides of Jesus we see when he is confronted with the death of his friend, Lazarus. Jesus is still truly divine but his truly human compassion for Lazarus is felt strongly in this gospel scene. In the question-and-answer segment Bishop D’Arcy looks deeper into the significance of Lazarus’ raising from the dead and the foreshadowing that it has with Jesus’ own death and resurrection. This week’s musical selection is “Take, O Take Me As I Am” by GIA artists Tony Alonso and Gabe Huck. -- WOO HOO -- That's MY Bishop!!
Bishop John M. D’Arcy
Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana
Auxiliary Bishop Daniel E. Flores of Detroit takes the gospel for this final Sunday of Lent and helps us understand the impact this Holy Week can bring to each one of us. In his 10-minute homily he challenges us to truly try to understand the deep love that God has for us by meditating on the passion of Jesus Christ. In the question-and-answer segment Bishop Flores gives us ideas about how we can begin to let God become a larger part of our everyday lives and find the deeper meaning of being a Christian in today’s society. This week’s musical selection is “I’ll Race You to the Tomb” by artist Karl Kohlhase.
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