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The Mass is the
source and summit of Christian life. In it, Christ makes available powerful graces to souls who respond adequately to His invitation by seeking a deeper union with Him. Unfortunately, many of us who go to Mass are not suitably disposed and are not conscious of the tremendous and unfathomable privilege which is present before us at each Eucharist. Hence, we often miss the boat as far as entering into a profound union with God and thereby experiencing spiritual growth within us.

In order to help us obtain a deeper understanding of the Mass, Fr. Richard explains the Eucharistic rituals on three consecutive Sundays starting with the Masses of the 8th and 9th of September.

8-9th of Sept.: Entrance Rite to the Gospel

15-16th of Sept.: Credo to the Eucharistic Prayer

22-33rd of Sept.: Communion & Dismissal Rite
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