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Here are some historical recordings, for those who are into such things:

(1:58, 2,772 KB)
The Pater Noster, Recited by Pope Pius XII
(9:18, 13,105 KB)
Ceremonies of Opening the Door for the Holy Year on January 2, 1950, with Prayers and Apostolic Benediction Chanted in Latin by Pope Pius XII
(17:41, 24,873 KB)
Traditional Latin Easter Pontifical Mass, Chanted by Pope Pius XII, with Sermon in Latin
(8:52, 12,472 KB)
Traditional Latin Canonization of Blessed Fr. Vincent Pallotti in 1963 by John XXIII
(10:59, 15,459 KB)
Closing Ceremonies of the Second Vatican Council on December 8, 1962, with an Address in Latin by John XXIII
(4:05, 5,758 KB)
Sunday Noon Recitation of the Angelus, the Prayer to the Guardian Angel, the Versicles for the Dead, and the Apostolic Blessing, Given in Latin from the Papal Balcony by John XXIII
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    Brian P. Craig February 3, 2008 at 11:40 PM , said...

    Wonder what the Traditio folks would think of their stuff being linked to from "an heretical" hellbound Novus Ordinarian site! :-)


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