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Fr. Rob Johansen, from the blog Thrown Back, recently sung the Roman Canon and recorded it for your enjoyment. Here's what he wrote:

At the Midnight Mass for Christmas, I chanted Eucharistic Prayer I, otherwise known as the Roman Canon, in Latin. This is a step forward for me and my parish: I have used the Roman Canon in Latin several times before, but this is the first time I have chanted it. The source I used was the "Ordo Missae in Cantu" published by Solesmes.

I find the Latin text more "singable" than the English. The Latin "flows" very naturally when chanted. Though I have a M.A. in Classics, I still find my tongue tripping over the occasional Latin word. This is much less of a problem when the prayer is sung.

Warning to those of you you who know the Latin of the Mass fairly well: I slipped into using the Classical pronunication a couple of times. I first learned Latin with the Classical pronunication, and old habits die very hard indeed...

A very "high" liturgical celebration we had here. Here's to a joyful New Year for us all!

AUDIO: Roman Canon

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