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Don't forget - 40 Days for Life still needs your prayers and fasting. Please contribute in whatever way you are able.

Additionally, I'm pleased to remind you that Catholic-Tube is hosting a new Pro-Life video every day for the duration of the campaign. Here's yesterday's post:

News from 40 Days for Life in Connecticut. Friar Roderic caught up with Corinn Dahm at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Norwich, CT, after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass had been offered for the launch of the 40 Days for Life Campaign at the Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill in Case St Norwich.

Over the next 40 days there will be a minimum of 2 people at all times praying in front of the Abortion Mill, not only in Norwich, but in 89 cities around the country, to end abortion in America, and these front-line soldiers will also be supported by thousands of other people who will be offering their prayers, sacrifices, and fastings for the success of this endeavor. This is a history making event that will change our country!

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