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Rosalind Moss is one of the better apologists out there for folks who are unimpressed by cold, logical arguments and Biblical texts. While logical and Biblical, her presentations have a from-the-heart quality about them that's missing in other apologists. Give her a listen!

Rosalind Moss is a staff apologist with Catholic Answers, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Catholic faith through all forms of media. She was born and raised in a Jewish home, and in her adult years embraced Jesus as the Messiah of the Jewish people. Her initial conversion took her from a 15-year business career as a successful executive with corporations in New York and California to full-time Evangelical ministry, earning a master's degree in Ministry from Talbot Theological Seminary. A series of events in the Summer of 1990 set her on a compelling course to find out if the Catholic Church is in fact the Church Christ established 2,000 years ago. After 18 years of Evangelical Protestantism, she entered the Catholic Church at Easter 1995.

Rosalind Moss
God's Will for You: How Will You Know It?

Originally recorded: February 26, 2007

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    Anonymous October 27, 2007 at 5:49 PM , said...

    Rosalind communicates the love of God through her very person. She,s a witness to the truth in her very nature. The epitomy of the dignity and grace of the feminine and a true daughter of Mary Immaculate she,s the image of a true disciple of Jesus Christ.
    Bill Lavelle


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