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Here are some misc. talks that I'm looking forward to listening to:

"Why do Catholics believe in the Pope?"
Canon Halloran explains the Petrine Office, Papal infallibility and takes questions from the audience. 26/10/05
Download [62.9Mb]

"Did God abandon the Jews? The Old and New Israel."
Father Seward discusses the old and new convenant, whether the old convenant remains and the journey the early church took from Judaism to Christianity. He also explores Judeo-Christian relations, commenting on events like the Holocaust and how Pope Pius XII helped save many Jews during the Second World War. 16/11/2005
Download [51.4Mb]

"Catholic Mysticism"
Fra Freddie discusses the ancient and more recent mystics of the Church such as Saints John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila and Therese of Lisieux. He also explores how we can improve our relationship and communication with God. 23/11/2005
Download [52.1Mb]

"Saint Benedict and his Rule"
Mr Peter, former Medieval History Lecture at St Andrews discusses the origins of Monasticism in Egypt, how it shaped and influenced Western Monasticism particularly Saint Benedict. He provides a brief history of the Saint and explores the relevance of certain elements of his Rule. 30/11/2005
Download [51.1Mb]

"Abortion: Everybody's Problem"
Sister Roseann Reddy, foundress of the Sister's of the Gospel of Life, who run the Cardinal Winning Pro-life Initiative; discusses her work with crisis pregnancies in Glasgow, the issues surrounding abortion and how we are responsible in countering the culture of death. 08/02/2006
Download [92.1Mb]

"The Historical uses of the Latin Mass"
Professor Peter Maxwell-Stuart, Medieval Historian at the University of St Andrews talks about worship during the medieval period and a short discussion about the occult and the Black Mass. 15/02/2006
Download [45.2Mb]

"Celtic Christianity"
Dr Bradley of St Mary's College, gives a talk on his area of expertise, Celtic Christianity. 08/03/2006 -- UPDATE: This speaker is Protestant, so be forewarned that there's no guarantee of orthodoxy.
Download [51Mb]

"The Philosophical Legacy of Pope John Paul II"
Professor John Haldane of the University's Philosophy Department and Director of the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs, gives a talk about the Philosophy of the late Pontiff and his contribution to philosophical thinking. 26/04/2006
Download [71.6Mb]

"The Church in Africa"
Fr. Maurice Lwanga a priest from Kenya is currently on sabbatical in the Diocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh working for a PhD. 04/05/2006
Download [22.9Mb]
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