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St. Martin of Tours became an important monk and bishop in Gaul not long after Christianity was made legal again. Sulpitius Severus, a well-educated man who knew Martin toward the end of his life, decided to write Martin's biography before he died, and set out to interview the man himself and those who knew him, as well as recording well-known stories about him. The result is an intriguing mixture of history and hagiography that includes glimpses of the Emperors Julian and Maximus, as well as a society in transition. (And a lot of fun miracle stories, too.)

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Preface: Chs. 0-17.3M5.4M3.7M
Part 1: Chs. 2-821.0M15.0M10.5M
Part 2: Chs. 9-1519.0M12.9M9.5M
Part 3: Chs. 16-2427.1M18.4M13.6M
Part 4: Chs. 25-279.5M6.4M4.7M
Postscript: Letters by Sulpitius Severus36.0M27.6M18.0M
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