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Dr. Tim Lau's Men's Breakfast Presentation.
Given: June 9th at St. Augustine Parish

“Only live fish can swim against the current”

“....remember, you are not have a ship guaranteed not only by the ship maker, but by the ocean maker as well, to carry you home.”

Dr. Lau is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, a Psychiatrist, husband and father of 4. For the past four yours, he and his wife Amy have been responsible for the Adult Faith Program at Annunciation of the Lord Parish in Ottawa. In addition, they had leadership roles in other Parish activities. Dr Lau is also the vice-chair of the Ottawa Catholic Physicians Guild.

In his talk, Dr. Lau describes how he evolved from a strong scientific background where his thinking was governed by the typical reductionism, to pantheism (giving God the attributes on the universe) and then Christianity initially in the form of Protestantism and finally Catholicism.

Dr. Lau illustrates the limitations of the scientific/ reductionist approach, why accidents and randomness are actually an illusion. Why an all powerful and all knowing God makes sense. How Faith completes the intellect and does not contradict reason. Why Faith and Reason are both necessary to contemplate Truth and to gain more complete understanding.

Listen to "Why I Became Catholic-Swimming Against the Tide"

Introduction by Fr. Richard Siok.
Closing Statement by Chris Currie

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    Anonymous September 20, 2011 at 2:38 AM , said...

    Dr. Tim
    I appreciate your gentle and careful approach to coming to the Catholic Church, but the comments on Orthodoxy[lit; right faith] did not hold up to the rest of your interview. You defended tradition, then smashed it when it came to the seven councils and holding to them. Nationalism, rather your view of it as it relates to the Orthodox church, allows for different expressions and cultures under different patriarchs, of which the Roman Patriarch was one, before 1154.
    The fullness of the liturgy, the tradition and the fathers, some of whom you quoted, keep a strong glue in our church. Walk into any service, any where in the world, and you'll know what is being said, not because it is necessarily in the same language, but because it is liturgy[lit; habit].
    The Catholic Church just celebrated it's thousand year birthday. That math doesn't work for me. Your comment of the 'unevolving'[my word] theology bothers me, and it should bother you too.
    Here's a hint; if you can get your hands on the writings of St Gregory of Palamas, read him. He had to reel the church back in away from progressive theology around one thousand AD.
    I don't want to dissuade you from the Catholic Church, but the true church, the one faith, the Truth that Paul speaks of does not dwell in Rome's church alone, but in all of Patriarch's Churches. The one and the many.
    Forgive me for any offense,
    Servant of God, Susie Bartneck


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