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I've been a fan of Smith's work for a few years now. He's a professional bio-ethicist who, though not Catholic, consistently articulates positions affording the maximum respect for human life from conception to natural death. Here's his latest post, including an MP3 of a radio interview he did:

This old show of Issues Etc. Radio Program just became available on MP 3. In it, I respond to Ron Reagan's 2004 speech to the Democratic National Convention. I point out that RR played a big game of bait and switch: that is, the speech was touted about pressuring President Bush to increase funding for ESCR using leftover IVF embryos. But that subject was never actually broached. Instead, Reagan pushed federal funding of human cloning research--without using the C-word. Three years later, the same disingenuous propaganda is one of Big Biotech's primary political tools in pushing their blank check (financial and ethical) policy agenda.

I also note that my comments about the success of Wu-suk Hwang creating cloned embryonic stem cells were later found out to be a total fraud.

Check it out. It's a good deconstruction of the junk biology that passes for science in much of this debate and most of what I said remains accurate and relevant to the ongoing controversy. (Alas, some things have changed. California and Missouri have new constitutional amendments permitting human SCNT that won using the same false claims Reagan did. Australia and Iowa, changed their laws to permit human cloning.)

Regan's speech of "self repair biological repair kit," use of the present tense for purely speculative and theoretical research, and pretense that nascent human life isn't involved was a master of deception. Regardless of you r position on these issues, I cut through the smoke and mirrors.

Also check out my piece in NRO about the speech that is referenced in the interview. Also, to learn more about these matters in an understandable way, may I humbly recommend my book Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World.
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