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Mark Bonocore vs. Matt Slick on CARM's "Faith and Reason" 2006 MP3

This debate is between Matt Slick (Calvinist) and Mark Bonocore (Catholic). It is supposed to focus on the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura, though the first half of the debate veers off quite a bit into other issues. In the second half, they do manage to stick to the question of Sola Scriptura pretty well. The participants are generally very respectful of each other, which makes it much more pleasant to listen to than if they were at each others' throats.

The sound quality of this file is not very good (16 kbps, 11 kHz), but it is good enough to understand what they are saying, and I found that I stopped thinking about the poor sound quality after listening for a couple of minutes.

Matt Slick and Mark Bonocore - Purgatory
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