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The classic 2nd century study and analysis of Christian Gnosticism in all its extant variants, as collected both from Gnostic writings and discussions with Gnostic teachers (as well as ex-Gnostics).

Since Irenaeus was studying Gnosticism to help others change Gnostics' minds, he strove for as much accuracy as possible in his account. And in fact, you will find that his account of Gnosticism tallies closely with that of the recently rediscovered Gnostic writings.

This work is presented in five books, each with about two or three dozen chapters. I'm adding links to the whole items and links to the pages where the chapters may be downloaded individually, should you so desire:

Book I
Whole ItemFormatSize
VsHeresies_128kb.m3u128kbps M3UStream
VsHeresies_64kb.m3u64Kbps M3UStream
VsHeresies_64kb_mp3.zip64Kbps MP3 ZIP133.7M

Book II
Whole ItemFormatSize
VsHeresies2_128kb.m3u128kbps M3UStream
VsHeresies2_64kb.m3u64Kbps M3UStream
VsHeresies2_64kb_mp3.zip64Kbps MP3 ZIP171.1M

Book III
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VsHeresies3_128kb.m3u128kbps M3UStream
VsHeresies3_64kb.m3u64Kbps M3UStream
VsHeresies3_64kb_mp3.zip64Kbps MP3 ZIP139.2M

Book IV
Whole ItemFormatSize
VsHeresies4_128kb.m3u128kbps M3UStream
VsHeresies4_64kb.m3u64Kbps M3UStream
VsHeresies4_64kb_mp3.zip64Kbps MP3 ZIP199.9M
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    Anonymous February 9, 2009 at 11:47 AM , said...

    GREAT! Love having this on MP3 format. Truth matters!
    Vicar Bob Liichow


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