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Here are recordings of the six Vatican Edition settings of the Credo in AM-quality MP3 format. These recordings tend to be on the quicker side, so fasten your seatbelts.

Square notation for all Credos I-VI may be found in the Graduale Romanum, Gregorian Missal for Sundays, Liber Usualis (with Solesmes markings) and online in this PDF Kyriale (without Solesmes markings). The Graduale Simplex contains Credos I, II, III, and the Ambrosian setting (listed in that book as IV), also found online in PDF format.

Amongst modern American hymnals, Worship III, RitualSong and The Collegeville Hymnal contain Credo III in modern notation. The Collegeville Hymnal also contains two ICEL Creeds based on Credos I and II.

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